Bathroom Resurfacing & Refinishing Solutions in Zionsville

When it comes to the parts of your Zionsville, IN home that you spend the most time in, what comes to mind? For many, the bathroom is an overlooked area that shouldn’t be. You’ll spend plenty of time in there, from showering to bathing and beyond. That’s why sometimes bathroom resurfacing is so important. It lets you give your bathroom a facelift without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a total remodel.

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The Right Resurfacing Company


The right bathroom resurfacing can elevate your Indianapolis, IN home, or business in a big way, rekindle your love of it, and help add to its overall value. CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC services include Residential, And with numerous options, finding the right solution is important. Whether you want to focus on bathtub conversion, tub refinishing, sink refinishing, or tile refinishing, there’s a solution for every Zionsville, IN bathroom and home.


Our Commercial Division is highly skilled in refinishing fixtures in University Housing, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars! We can have the work done in hours and you can be using the tub within 2 hours from completion! That means no lost nightly revenue for hotels and Air BnBs!

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Tubs Services CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Tub Refinishing

Whatever kind of tub you have in your Zionsville bathroom- porcelain, cast-iron, metal, fiberglass, cultured marble or acrylic, we can refinish it!

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Countertops Services, CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN


Need new countertops? CDH offers a great way to avoid having to replace your countertops! Our process saves you money, and restoration can extend the life of your countertops. Our skilled craftsmen can bring new life to your kitchen and make it seem brighter and more welcoming than ever before. Most every kind of countertop material can be refinished. Our finishes are of the highest grade and our secret is in the science!

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Tub & Shower Inlays Services CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Tub & Shower Inlays

Cracked tubs or showers are a serious problem that can’t be ignored! When the tub or shower is installed in a home, there is a 4” gap under the bottom of it. Installers are supposed to put down a layer of cement under the tub or shower to support the bottom of the tub. Unfortunately, many builders are skipping that vital step. Poorly supported tub and shower floors start to crack after a few years. Letting this go means that water collects beneath your bathtub or shower, becomes moldy, and causes potentially serious health problems.

Give CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC a call and we will repair the damage, leaving it looking as good as new!

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Sinks Services, CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Sink Refinishing

It may not be as big as the tub, but the sink is still an important part of your bathroom. Our experts can complete an entire sink refinishing project within a couple of hours, giving you back your sink and your bathroom with minimum downtime.

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Vanity Services CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN


Your outdated vanity will look shiny and new after we get done with it. Minor damage will be repaired. Choose from any one of our standard colors, a custom color or one of our 25 faux-granite topcoats.

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Tile Services, CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Tile Refinishing

Whether it’s mold or mildew or just that it’s time for a new look, tile refinishing can enhance the way your bathroom looks in a huge way. It’s an easy part of a bathroom resurfacing project and one that is well worth taking a closer look at if you want a simple way to enhance your bathroom.

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Walk-In Tub Conversions Services, CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Bathtub Conversion

We use our innovative and patented process of cutting and removing a section of your existing tub and custom fitting a bath conversion product to specifically fit your needs. Our products allow easier shower access for the elderly, or those with limited mobility- without breaking the bank! A couple of our products even allow you to switch between bathing and showering options.

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Pool Coating Services, CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Pool Coating

Your pool is a big part of your Zionsville, IN home. By redoing the pool coating, you can not only enhance your enjoyment of the pool and your time there but can boost your home’s resale value and its overall resale potential. We can handle pool coating and pool resurfacing for any size pool and give you exactly the kind of results you deserve.

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It’s In The Science: Coating Compound Comparison

CDH Coating

CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC Coating Design

Traditional Coating

Traditional Coating Design

Why Choose Us


We Care More

We care more than anyone in the home service industry, period. We genuinely care about our clients and our craft.


Career Technicians

Our team members are in it for the long haul. They go through extensive factory training before ever stepping foot in your home. They are-full time, career techs, with benefits. We are a big family and we believe in taking good care of our family, so that you can be assured, that they will take good care of you!


Less Lost Revenue

Our tubs are usable after 2 hours of completion. This means if you own a hotel, your room sees less downtime and less lost revenue.


4th Generation

Our owner, Clint’s family started in the coatings business four generations ago. Clint started working with his father over twenty years ago. When you ask him why he got into the coatings and resurfacing business his reply is simple "It's what we do".


Eco-Friendly Business

We protect the environment, both in your home and elsewhere. We make sure your home is well ventilated while we work, protecting you and your home's guests, and providing a clean and safe environment when we're finished.


Refreshed, Healthy Home

Dealing with chipped and corroding surfaces is not only less clean, but it's potentially less healthy. Resurfacing often only takes a few hours and most often, you can use the tub, sink or countertop the same day!

Commercial Resurfacing

1The right professional

And for Zionsville, IN commercial properties, resurfacing a bathroom is still a great idea that can repay you in a huge way. After all, word of mouth about stunning bathrooms is a big part of getting positive reviews and more clients.

Not only will beautiful bathrooms help you drum up more business, but when you have the professionals handling the process for you, you’ll expect fast turnaround times. Within a couple of hours, we can have your bathroom resurfacing done. Then, a couple hours more and it is ready to be used. That cuts back on downtime in a big way and leaves you with a finished product that you can be proud of – without losing out on a day or two’s worth of business.

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The Professional Difference

When choosing CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC to refinish your commercial bathroom and/or kitchen surfaces, you know that you’re getting the award-winning, CDH process, proven to be the best in the business! With decades of experience on our side, we can give you the bathroom that you’ll be proud to show your clients and/or guests!

Our process is easier than you might think, and our team is here to help with fast results and professional service. We treat our clients like family, because we believe that’s how they deserve to be treated, so don’t hesitate to contact us today and become part of the CDH family!

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Give Yourself The Bathroom You Deserve

Your Zionsville, IN home is your castle – your refuge from the world. It’s important that you are able to relax and enjoy your time there, and few things make this as easy as being able to step into a bathroom you truly love. With our bathroom refinishing experts on the job, you’ll get the bathroom of your dreams – and won’t break the bank doing so. Contact us today to get more information on our services.